TU Dining to Celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day with Delight-ful Challenge

By: Alicia Anthony, Contributing Writer
Photo by: Meghan Hudson / The Towerlight

On Feb. 17, Towson University (TU), along with 300 other colleges and universities, will join Chartwells Higher Education in their nationwide challenge to perform 500,000 random acts of kindness to promote self-care and celebrate moments of joy.

The Delight-Ful challenge is one of three events from the year-long Joy-Ful campaign, a movement created by Chartwells, according to Madeleine Sandridge, the marketing director for Towson University Dining Services.

“Our Joy-Ful campaign is aimed at reigniting a sense of community on campus,” said Sandridge. “We have all experienced separation throughout the pandemic, and the intent of our Joyful events is to help students reconnect and celebrate campus life.”

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m on Feb. 17, all three of TU’s dining halls will feature “surprise and delight menus,” which are inspired by TikTok food trends, according to the Dine On Campus website.

“Many have seen the viral food hacks and trends that TikTok showcases, and we wanted to give the opportunity to our guests and students to actually try them for themselves,” said Sandridge. “TikTok-trendy food is a way we can create joyful moments through our dining hall offerings.”

Each dining location will also feature a “kindness wall,” where students can write a shout-out about the kindest person they know.

To further commemorate the event, TU Dining has partnered with the Health Center, Student Government Association and TU Rocks! for activities at the Glen Dining Hall. Activities include card writing, rock painting and even a self-care table.

Throughout the day, celebrity chef Jet Tila will be featured on social media with kindness challenges, encouraging campuses to conduct their own random acts of kindness.

“Celebrity Chef Jet Tila partnered with Chartwells for [the] Joy-Ful kickoff in the fall by headlining a live-streamed cooking competition at LSU,” said Sandridge. “His infectious energy made him the perfect host for the Delight-Ful events as well.”

The overall goal of the event is to encourage students to spread kindness. TU Dining offers students the opportunity to show kindness in one of many activities at the dining halls, or even through random acts of kindness.

“Our students have dealt with some really difficult circumstances over the last two years,” said Sandridge. “We’re overjoyed to be able to give them a special, memorable, safe, and impactful experience that celebrates being back on campus while also making them feel part of a bigger movement to bring some kindness to the world.”

To view all of Towson Dining’s upcoming events, visit its official website.

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