Bookworms unite

By: Sierra Underdue, Contributing Writer

As the energetic voices of one of Towson’s acapella groups Original Blend filled the air, a crowd of at least 40 children and adults gathered to enjoy the music this past weekend at the Inner Harbor for the 20th annual Baltimore Book Festival.

The festival featured over 100 vendors and exhibits where patrons could buy or sell books, network with local newspaper and magazine sources, and enjoy a lineup of talented performances from people all over Baltimore.

“I like seeing all the different types of people who are really interested in books,” sophomore Diminya Brown said. “Seeing all these displays of people with passion and finding and meeting new people is really cool.”

Thousands of people from all over the country came to experience this free event. Amongst the lineup of performances for the weekend, Original Blend sang 10 songs on Friday from 3-4 p.m., starting with an upbeat mashup of “Crazy” and “Crazy in Love” and ending with Sam Smith’s “I’m Not The Only One. “

“Being here was really great for our group because we love getting out in the community and getting our voices heard in unique settings and this one was especially fun because of the location of being in the harbor and the content around us, being surrounded by such a creative space,” president of the group, Aviva Match, said.

People happily watched and occasionally joined in, both singing and dancing making way for a good time. The festival also featured a stand for Towson’s Grub Street who offered free copies of their magazine and encouraged submissions for next semester’s issue.

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