Do miracles exist?

By: Bailey Hendricks, Senior Editor

My favorite kind of stories are the ones where if one little thing was altered, then the outcome of the story would be drastically different.

Of course, a famous example of this is seen in the film “Back to the Future” when Marty McFly goes back in time and if one little thing in the past got changed then everything in the future was very different.

But how does this concept apply to love? Well, my dad always enjoyed telling me the story of how my grandparents met. My grandma, Janice, was interviewing for a job and my grandpa, Robert, was interviewing her. Janice was leaving the office after her interview, but before she does, she remembers she has a special certificate which shows Robert that she was more qualified for the job.

My dad swears that if my grandma didn’t remember to show her certificate, then she wouldn’t have gotten the job, she wouldn’t have gotten to know and fall in love with my grandpa and my dad wouldn’t have been born, and neither would I have been.

This concept, of course, I would call a miracle, or fate. I truly believe these little (or not-so-little) miracles do occur everyday, with the people we meet, the jobs we get and the adventures we have. Sometimes, I think we find ourselves at certain places and meeting certain people out of a sheer random, crazy happenstance — or because of a miracle.

My wonderful boyfriend wrote in my Valentine’s Day card that I’m his “miracle among miracles”(which of course, is one of the sweetest, most romantic things ever). Oftentimes, it almost feels like the stars align in such a way at the perfect moment to give us an opportunity to meet someone or be somewhere at the exact right time.

When we first started dating, I would always tell my boyfriend how crazy everything felt. I’d say how ~crazy~ it was that we are actually together and how amazing and crazy and awesome it was that we found each other and work so well together. We are both “miracle-minded” as he always calls it — having faith and believing in miracles and believing in the good things coming. Although, when I would say how crazy things were, he’d also remind me that we are also the reason we are together. We made it happen.

And, he’s right. We ought to give ourselves credit for the relationships we form with people, romantic or not. Because yes, even if fate played a part in bringing two people together, the effort people make to talk to each other, get to know each other, make time for each other, take care of each other and deeply love each other is also a key factor in how relationships work. These things happen because we put in the effort of making them happen.

Maybe it was a miracle that my grandma remembered at the last moment to show my grandpa her certificate. Perhaps it was a miracle they fell in love, which allowed my dad to be born, and subsequently, me to be born. But they were also together and in love because they worked at their relationship, they cared for each other and they made it happen. Maybe miracles do really exist. Maybe love is just a balance of miracles and hard work.  


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