Food and fun celebrates end of Ramadan

By: Ezihe Chikwere, Contributing Writer

The Muslim Student Association held the celebratory Eid Banquet in the Chesapeake Ballrooms on Oct. 15. The MSA organized this banquet to celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice holiday that is celebrated all around the world.

“Eid is all about bringing people together, and of course the food,” senior psychology major, Ibrahim Sulleman, said.

Sulleman has been a member of the Muslim Student Association for three years because he “thought it was a good opportunity to connect with other Muslims,” he said.

Eid al-Fitr is celebrated to mark the end of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting.

In honor of this holiday, the association gave out prizes and had live spoken word performances by Lyric Harris, Mohammed Tall, and a dance performance by Les Belles Noire from the African Diaspora Club.

In addition to the games and performances, there was a wide variety of food, games and singing.

MSA advisor Sanuallah Kirmani enthusiastically helped organize this event through his purposeful guidance for the association.

According Kirmani, this banquet has been held annually for the past six years with many more years to come.

The mission of the Eid Banquet was to welcome all students to the event, whether they were Muslim or not, and their purpose was to bring people together and share their culture with the Towson community.

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