Fraternity 5K on fire

By: Kristin Helf, Staff Writer

Sophomore psychology and political science major Emma Sage said that the money donated to Johns Hopkins’ pediatric burn unit was “a great cause.”

Sage described the experience of a young boy who was provided with sensory machines used to keep his mind off of the pain while he was being treated. Hearing his story reinforced Sage’s belief that donating to the unit was a worthwhile endeavor.

Students run during the 5k as a part of PIKE’s fireman challenge. Photo by Patrick Burke.

“It’s good to help out,” she said.

Despite the event’s one-week postponement, over 500 students showed up on Saturday, May 2 for the activities that members of Greek Life competed in.

Junior Jack Weber said the event’s two main goals were to, “…fundraise, and one for student participation and we were pretty successful in both.”

Compared to last year, participation rates were higher yet, the amount of money fundraised was down.

Although Weber said that the challenge, which Towson students have raised over $80,000 for in just four years, was still successful.

“Our opening night we had to cancel, which kind of sets the tone for the Fireman’s Challenge every year,” Weber said. “It’s usually after opening night when people start fundraising really hard. And we cancelled that, so all our fundraising was delayed by two days.”

Other events included making comedic fire safety videos to be judged by PIKE, participating in a wing eating contest and cornhole tournament, racing through an obstacle course and running a 5K around campus.

Students could even compete in a timed event to spray out the flames burning on a wooden “fire house.”

The Providence Fire Department, who comes out every year to support PIKE’s philanthropy efforts, supervised this aspect of the previously mentioned event.

Weber wants Towson University students to remember that this is not only a fun event, but it’s also for a good cause.

They donate 100 percent of the proceeds to Johns Hopkins.

“We want to keep students aware and make it a fun event, so they still come out every year,” Weber said.

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