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By: Kyndall Cunningham, Columnist 

If you’re anything like me, the first month of school requires heavy amounts of new music to stream between classes and during study time. If you’re really like me, you like music that will either soothe all of your fall semester anxiety or rile up the angry college girl in you. In fact, some of my fondest fall memories are songs or albums, and since I don’t have anything else in particular to write about, I figured I would give you a list of college radio, feminist songs to empower and inspire you at work, school or whatever you’re doing. 

1. “Drew Barrymore” by SZA.This is my favorite song on the album because of the way SZA bluntly sings about her womanly insecurities within a relationship. Whether it be her physical appearance, sex or the unrealistic expectations of being a woman, SZA does not shy away from being the awkward black girl. She even sarcastically apologizes for not shaving her legs at night.

2. “Alone” by Halsey. If you couldn’t tell by the title, “Alone” is an anthem for introverted women who might be seen as standoffish. In this song, Halsey describes being so closed off that she can easily forget about her male or female lovers. Despite her “manic pixie dream girl” appearance, most of Halsey’s music diminishes the idea that she’s the perfect girl to fall in love with (i.e. “Bad At Love”).

3. “Chanel” by Frank Ocean. Ocean released this song early in the year, but I still don’t believe it’s gotten the recognition it deserves. It may not necessarily be considered a “feminist” song, but if you have a soft spot for carefree black boys who redefine masculinity, you will enjoy this sweet love song.

4. “Learn to Let It Go” by Kesha. Kesha’s new album is something you should dive into. This song is just one of the many great therapeutic songs on “Rainbow.” I feel like a lot of artists feel pressure to put out an uplifting song for all the insecure youth in America, but listening to “Rainbow” is more like witnessing Kesha speak to herself in the most authentic way.

5. “Boyfriend” by Tegan and Sara. “Boyfriend” describes the experience of a gay woman being the side chick to a straight girl. It’s a unique storytelling sung to a retro, dance-y 80s beat. I should also add that Tegan and Sara are the coolest pair of twins to ever walk the planet (and yes, that includes Beyonce’s newborn children).

6. “Consideration” by Rihanna ft. SZA. “Anti” was a pleasant surprise to everyone last year, and “Consideration” is the track that has always stuck with me. I can’t tell if Rihanna is singing about herself or a guy in this song, but either way it’s about realizing the pain you’re in and moving on from it.


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