Learning to design the handmade

By: Sarah Van Wie, Staff Writer 

Towson art department faculty welcomed artist and designer Aric Snee to campus Thursday to deliver a lecture about his work prior to a faculty exhibit opening in the Holtzmann Gallery.

Snee is currently working for a company called Holmegaard located in Denmark. He received his masters degree in sculpting at Alfred University, and has been working with glass blowing for 15 years.

Snee’s lecture, titled “Design the Handmade,” gave the audience insight into his educational background and work experience. Snee also talked about his idea of art design, craft and form, then discussed how he incorporates his views into his work. To wrap up the lecture, Snee presented the audience with a few of his designs and finished products that have gone viral and on the market.

“I never thought of [art] like that,” junior Collyn Mangini said. “The way he talked about design was really cool.”

One of Snee’s designs is a self-watering flower pot called the “Gaia.” This product holds an hourglass shape. Water is placed in the bottom portion of the pot and the top holds the plant. A nylon wick in the middle of the pot connects the water to the plant’s soil to ensure the right amount of water is delivered to the plant. No parts of the pot ever need to be replaced. All that needs to be done is adding water to the bottom of the pot.

“I’m taking 3D Process course with professor Lundak and she encouraged our class to come out and learn about our discipline,” senior Corey Dunning said.

Another design by Snee is called “The Selfie Arm.” This product is a redesign of the world wide known gadget, the selfie stick. The Selfie Arm is a literal, realistic clay and fiberglass arm, with a slot at the end to hold a phone in place. Snee claimed the design was meant to be a joke. He posted his design online and it went viral within 24 hours.

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