New addition to the airwaves

By: Sydney Engelhardt, Staff Writer

Towson University Podcast group is a Towson affiliated podcast formed to discuss campus life and the college experience.

President of Towson University Podcast, Keanu Jordan-Stovall, founded the group in November with a few of his friends and has since been developing the group.

“At first we were joking around about starting a podcast,” Jordan-Stovall said. “Then I was like ‘wait a minute, why couldn’t we do that?’”

The podcast currently focuses on discussing pop culture events such as Valentine’s Day, the Oscars and movies. However, the group wants to start focusing more on topics related to Towson.

“We are hoping to start talking about events, things that are happening on campus,” Stovall said. “Hopefully start working with other clubs when they have events coming up.”

Member Kevina Waller became involved in the podcast because she thought it would be a great opportunity and the podcast format would allow her to speak her mind without being seen.

“My favorite part of being involved is honestly the topics for the podcasts and how the group goes about doing them,” Waller said. “It’s really just like a conversation that we have with each other.”

Even if the listener doesn’t gain anything from the podcast, the group hopes that the audience at least finds it as a source of entertainment.

“I really just hope that the listeners enjoy it and can laugh and feel like they’re part of the conversation,” Waller said. “It’d be nice if they can get insight into what we go through and we also try to relate to everyone else as well, we don’t want it to just be about us, we want it to be for everyone and hopefully anyone who’s listening.”

The group is looking for anyone that is interested in joining, no matter what major or experience.

“It’s not really about us working toward a goal, it’s about us being social, we are looking for anyone especially people with different opinions,” Jordan-Stovall said.

You can listen to Towson University Podcast by going to iTunes or SoundCloud and searching the group name.

For more information on how to get involved with Towson University Podcast, visit their page on Involved@TU.

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