Ravens kicker Justin Tucker advises “take it one kick at a time”

By: Kristen Zdon, Staff Writer

University Recruiters and the TU Career Center hosted a networking fair Thursday with over 50 employers as a way for students to connect with local business owners, according to CEO and Founder of University Recruiters, Jeff Martin.

“I decided to start [University Recruiters] because I thought there was a void in the recruiting world. And the void was you guys; the young, college, energetic professional,” Martin said. “I realized I could fill that void if my company strictly focused on working college kids fresh out of school.”

The event included multiple speakers from different businesses offering advice to students, including Baltimore Ravens kicker and Super Bowl XLVII champ, Justin Tucker.

“Sometimes it can be hard, but trying to put your best version of yourself out there is something that I don’t think everyone necessarily needs to be told, but some people need to be encouraged,” Tucker said. “Everyone has a fear of failing, but some people have a fear of succeeding as well.”

Robyn Thompson, recruiter for Jellyfish and Towson alum, discussed the importance of knowing yourself above all when job searching, and not being distracted by how well you are portrayed on paper.

“Be self-aware. Understand your limitations. Go into an interview, not just being your resume, but telling me why you. And if you don’t know why you, seek feedback, and be open to hearing that constructive feedback that people have to say,” Thompson said. “Be okay with hearing no because you are going to hear it. We all did.”

Tucker also spoke about how his career path was different than most, and how his likelihood as a professional football player is dependent on just seconds in front of millions of viewers.

“I must be controlled, and precise, in the midst of total chaos. Those 1.3 seconds represent everything I have ever worked for in my entire life,” said Tucker. “They represent what my teammates have worked for.”

Tucker said he enjoys speaking to students who are nearing graduation to share his experiences in the job market. His advice would be to treat people right, because that can carry people a lot farther than anything else.

“If one person listening tonight gets even the smallest inspiration, they get something positive from me talking, that’s a really good feeling for me to have,” Tucker said. “More than anything, I like to see people smiling. I like to see people doing well, and I like to see people happy, and if I can help out in any way.”


According to Tucker, it is challenging as a college student to get out there because the focus is still centered on studies and receiving good grades. He said to explore every avenue, and every way that students can can an edge over their competition.

“One of the messages I wanted to get out there is that you just have to take your journey into looking for your employment one step at a time and I like to think about it, and the way my agent told me going into training camp, ‘just take it one kick at a time, brother.’”



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