Low calorie kebab

By: Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-in-Chief 

I’ve always felt that, for dinner food, pork got the shaft. Everyone loves a good piece of bacon for breakfast (pouring one out for Ron Swanson, who is now in television heaven after this week’s season finale of “Parks and Recreation”), but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves when dinnertime rolls around.

The thing I enjoy about pork is that it so easily absorbs the flavor of whatever you’re cooking with.

Pulled pork, for example, can be made in so many different ways because if it’s done in a crockpot the flavors will really come through in the meat. But pulled pork sandwiches can be high in calories.

Instead, I present to you a healthier pork kebab with my own marinade. Kebabs are pretty straightforward, so I’m only going to list out the ingredients for the marinade. Once you keep the pork in the marinade for about two hours, the rest of the dish is a breeze.

Add on your favorite vegetables and put it on the grill for 10 or so minutes (I’ve even done this on a George Foreman at my apartment and it works out fine) and you’re good to go.

My favorite veggies to use with this kebab are red and yellow bell peppers, onions and Portobello mushrooms. When I’ve made this for my parents, I’ll use squash, zucchini and cherry tomatoes as well, since apparently my parents are into inferior vegetables.

As far as sides go for this, I’ll leave that up to you. Some people can just eat the kebab whole and use the grilled veggie as the side, but I prefer just to boil some brown rice and serve the skewers over top of that. Other options would be corn on the cob (if you’re making this during warmer weather) or wheat garlic bread.

This is very straightforward, so I’m just putting the ingredients for the marinade below, and I’ll let you do the rest of the work.



– 1/2 cup lemon juice

– 1 tbl. extra virgin olive oil

– 2 tsp. dried oregano

– 1 tsp. rosemary (I prefer the fresh sprigs but the dried seasoning is fine too)

– 1 clove of garlic, crushed

– 1 tsp. black pepper

– 2 tsp. paprika

– 1 tbl. lime juice

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