Stressing about the future

By: Kayla Hunt, Columnist

As the semester is coming to a close, many students are seeking new opportunities, whether it be a temporary job for the summer, an internship to gain experience, or the beginning of a mile-long career.

Many students become stressed when searching for a job because many companies value experience. That’s what many students are seeking when attending college: experience. Students are eager to jump into a never-ending tunnel of new ventures. However, it may be frustrating to do so when employers are expecting prior experience.

Jason Shen, co-founder of the performance hiring platform Headlight, discusses the importance of highlighting your abilities rather than your experience in his TedTalk. Shen advises that when applying for jobs, you should find ways to showcase your unique skills instead of just submitting the standard resumé and cover letter.

Shen suggests that even if employers do not ask for things such as a portfolio, he believes that being able to demonstrate your abilities will lead to a higher chance in hire. This is a beneficial suggestion to students because many have completed relevant coursework for their field and can demonstrate the skills they’ve learned through portfolios, writing samples, previous projects, etc.

The job search can be a stressful one and can be discouraging when being rejected from offers. However, there are a plethora of resources to help students find jobs that are a match for them.

Standard resumés and cover letters don’t allow students to display everything they’ve learned and experienced, so having a presence on social media platforms can be helpful as well. Websites such as LinkedIn and Handshake allow potential employers to view an online portfolio of relevant courses you’ve taken, skills that you have developed, clubs/organizations that you have been involved with, and much more.

Students should drop by The Career Center, located in suite 206 of the 7800 York Road building, for one-on-one career counseling, help with resumé and cover letter development, and other online resources that assist with finding the perfect job for them. The Career Center also has online resources such as personality assessments, interview techniques, and other databases that help making students’ search for opportunities smoother.

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