Local Italian eats review

By: Sierra Underdue, Columnist

So, I’ve actually only been here twice since I’ve lived in Towson. Strapazza was the place I always saw when walking around uptown, going to the mall or Barnes & Noble, etc., but it’s never been a place I actually paid attention to.

It wasn’t until my birthday last year when some friends (who also admitted they either never paid attention to or even remembered seeing this place) and I tried it out for the first time. It was perfect.

This family-owned Italian jewel is located right next to Burger Bros. and across from LaCakerie on Allegheny Ave.

It has a true, “home-y” mom and pop hole in the wall dining feel going on, complemented by casual paintings and other little knick knacks.

The staff was very friendly and welcoming, making sure you are okay from the time you come in to the time you leave.

I ordered the fried ravioli and a sausage and peppers pasta entrée. And let me tell you, my taste buds were taken to new heights.

The level of flavor and freshness each item holds is amazing. I highly recommend ordering the fried ravioli especially.

You get a good amount of cheese-filled raviolis fried to a light brown crust and you dip it in this delightful melted cheese blend. Oh my goodness.

Then the sausage and pepper entrée has a very enriching fresh tomato and cheese taste with the pasta cooked just right. I also had the pleasure of tasting their Chicago-style pizza from a friend, which was good as well.

However the dish that takes it home for me is their penne vodka. Thick tender penne noodles cooked in a creamy, rustic homemade vodka sauce each bite basically taking you on a trip to Italy.

The best side goes to the sautéed broccoli. It’s just too good for words. It’s made in this heavenly garlic butter sauce and really packs a punch with flavor.

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