Trampoline park comes to Towson

By: Jessica Ricks, Contributing Writer

Rockin’ Jump, a trampoline park, is opening in Towson on Oct. 2 off of Joppa Road, near Gino’s.

The park will be located at 8855 Orchard Tree Lane.

“It’s all ages, kids, adults, grandparents if they want to. Everybody can come and do this together and it’s fun,” Shannon Burkhart, who is in charge of marketing for the Towson location, said.

The park started out in California and is one of 16 parks open nationally. Towson will be the second park in Maryland and the first in Baltimore County.

Courtesy of Karl Merton Ferron
Courtesy of Karl Merton Ferron

Originally, the 26,000 square foot space was a skate zone, which had been around for over 20 years. It was rebuilt by Merritt Properties, the company that owns the location, to look brand new for the trampoline park.

“People have recreated in this space for a couple of generations now and it’s exciting to bring it up to date,” said Burkhart.

Rockin’ Jump not only has trampolines but additional attractions such as a rock climbing wall, a basketball slam dunk zone, and a jousting challenge.

In addition to these activities it also has a lounge area with free Wi-Fi.

Opening day is expected to have grand specials such as giveaways. The exact details of these specials haven’t quite been worked out yet, but they will be giving out t-shirts, wristbands and socks with grips on the bottom that all jumpers are required to wear for safety purposes.

In addition to all of this, Rockin’ Jump is holding a job fair on Sept. 8, 9, and 10 for their 100 plus job openings.

The applications are open to anyone but they mainly expect high school and college age students.

“We’ve had our job application up for a week now and we’ve already received more than 120 applicants,” Burkhart said. “That alone is showing that it’s great and people are excited.”

Burkhart expects Rockin’ Jump to not only be a fun activity for families and friends to spend time at, but a member of the community that gives back.

One thing that Rockin’ Jump will be sponsoring on Sept. 27th is a 5K run that’s being held at the Baltimore Zoo called Run Wild For Autism, a fundraiser for autism awareness.

“We’re bringing a fun and new attraction and place to go with friends and family,” Burkhart said. “It’s just kind of a community building thing.”

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