TU announces new sentinel testing protocols for spring break

By: Grace Coughlan, Associate Editor 

Towson University (TU) sent out an email updating students on new COVID-19 testing protocols for Spring Break, which requires all residential and commuter students to participate in rapid testing.

“Twice-weekly rapid sentinel testing will continue during spring break, March 15 – 19, for students remaining on campus,” the campus-wide email reads. “Students who are not living on campus during spring break are not required to be tested.” 

Students from both sentinel testing GROUP A1 and A2 will fulfill their rapid testing requirement at the West Village Testing Center through break.

Following spring break, all commuters (spending more than four hours per week on campus) and residential students must participate in twice-weekly rapid testing, March 22 – 26.

Individual notifications for sentinel testing appointments are being sent out to students. 

Students will not be allowed to get tested on campus if they are not chosen to participate in one of the sentinel testing rounds. 

“If you are a student who would like to get tested at any time for any reason, especially after you travel, you’re encouraged to take advantage of free testing sites throughout Maryland,” the email reads. 

According to TU, the sentinel testing groups have been sufficient in preventing the spread of COVID-19 on campus. 

“This spring, sentinel testing has already proven successful in monitoring, evaluating and limiting the introduction and spread of COVID-19 on campus,” the email reads. “Our efforts to protect our community continue to be effective thanks to your support.”

For more information on sentinel testing information, visit towson.edu/coronavirus

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