TU expands Chosen Name Initiative by adding preferred pronouns to Zoom

By: Caitlyn Freeman, Editor in Chief

Towson University students, faculty and staff will now be able to display their preferred pronouns on Zoom, the university’s Office of Inclusion and Institutional Equity announced Thursday.

“This update is part of a campus-wide commitment to inclusive excellence and one of many reasons TU was recently recognized as one of the nation’s 40 Best of the Best Universities for LGBTQ+ students,” the campus-wide email reads.

The addition is part of the university’s Chosen Name Initiative which gives members of the TU community the option to choose the name the university uses in select documentation. The initiative began in 2019.

TU must make a “good faith” effort to utilize a student’s chosen name when possible, according to the Policy on Chosen and Preferred Names. However, the university must use one’s legal name in certain instances such as on transcripts, financial aid documents, or when required by law.

To add pronouns to a TU Zoom account, one must complete the Chosen/Preferred Name, Pronoun and Gender Identity Request Form.


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