Uninhibited art exhibition

By: Annie Sragner, Arts & Life Editor

The Towson University Department of Art and Design will soon unveil the senior art show, “Unbounded,” to celebrate the hard work and creativity of Towson’s graduating artists.

“The name of the show really addresses the whole concept of graduating and all of the possibilities after you graduate,” senior illustration major Nicholas Kim said. “A lot of the shows follow that theme, but in terms of works there are a lot of different ideas going on.”

Running from May 6-20, the final projects created from semester-long work will include ceramics, graphic design, photography, printmaking, illustration, jewelry, sculpture and 3D printing.

“For my BFA, I’m building my own fantasy world,” Kim said. “I did a lot of research before the semester started so that I could hit the ground running.”

Because space on campus is limited, the exhibition will feature the work of 62 graduating senior artists in the Towson Arts Collective, located at 40 W. Chesapeake Ave., in Towson.

Kim and his team of eleven other student leaders were a primary part of the planning behind the exhibition. The team included two members from each discipline, representing digital art and design, photography, 3D, illustration, painting/drawing/printmaking and graphic design.

Together the student leaders organized meetings to exchange ideas about how to make the event a collaborative effort.

“We got together and asked all of the other seniors to vote on some names we came up with,” Kim said. “‘Unbounded’ was the one that was most popular.”

The exhibition student leaders hope that this event will provide an opportunity to highlight the long-term efforts of many of Towson’s student artists.

“It really showcases the emerging talents and capabilities of artists that Towson University has to offer,” Kim said. “I think it really shows the diversity and different themes that people are dealing with and that they really want the world to see. It’s a great communicative effort on the part of the artists at Towson.”

The senior art show is available for free viewing May 6 -20, Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m., and the opening reception will be held May 13 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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