Update on the ‘interolance’ in Berkeley

By: Dylan Brennan, Columnist

I talked in February about how Berkeley, California, was perhaps the headquarters of American intolerance. Now it has become the Broadway headliner for American intolerance.

I cannot see Berkeley as anything anymore other than a dilapidated show stage of the First Amendment, which is now the fighting grounds for communist thugs and anyone who dares disagree with them.

And don’t think that this is just a bunch of Soviets that came out of the woodworks, thinking the Cold War is still going on. These are highly organized young men and women, who ride under the banner of anti-fascism. Antifa, as they shorten their name to (although many translate it to anti-First Amendment), are practically a domestic terror organization, and I do truly mean that in the dictionary definition — people who threaten and or perpetrate violence wherever there is a political opinion they disagree with. These are the people who destroyed Berkeley two months ago. These are the people who would’ve destroyed Berkeley this week, had they not cancelled Ann Coulter’s speech. And do not think that these are not common. Antifa has literally strong-armed parades, marches and speeches from all over the country. They certainly did a number in Berkeley this month during the “Free Speech Rally,” which became an all-out melee staged with burning trash cans and smoke grenades.

Where have we gone in America to be at a point where the next generation is maiming its political adversaries? Where have we gone in America to be at a point where the administrations bow down to terrorists, and the police do nothing to protect our values? And the further these alt-left groups riot and threaten, the more alt-right groups will pop up. Events such as these are known Antifa traps, and that just draws out their natural predators, the alt-right. We’re now seeing an uptick in literal neo-Nazis, white supremacists and the like, all because groups like Antifa consider everyone outside their group as such. Because of Berkeley surrendering, people like Richard Spencer and the ever-controversial Milo Yiannopoulos will be speaking in Coulter’s stead later this year, whether the college likes it or not. The alt-left has literally started a war now, and people like you and me are caught in the proverbial crosshairs.

Do not let the sins of Berkeley blow eastward. I don’t care if you disagree with these people or even hate them; mauling people outside the venue has no place in American values.

If you think Spencer is an actual Nazi, don’t go. If you think Yiannopoulos is a racist pig, don’t go. Honestly I think it says a lot more if their venues are empty rather than a thousands-large protest.

I made it quite clear about my disagreements with Laci Green, and I did just that — stayed home. I wrote an article about why I think she’s not a good person, and I appreciate anyone who took the time to read it. My agenda was met, and not one person was physically hurt. If you feel the same way about the alt-right, I welcome you to write a letter to the editor voicing your opinions too.



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