Keeping your belongings safe abroad

By: Amanda Reid, Columnist

As I have spent more time here, I have watched my friends have a plethora of things stolen from them: backpacks, phones, wallets, cash and the horrible list goes on and on.

I have been fortunate enough to keep all my belongings, and I have learned how to be proactive and protect my stuff.

The place where the most stuff has gotten stolen is the clubs.

My first night I went, I had taken a purse and I spent the whole night clutching it in fear.

Never dance with your drink.  Drinks get spiked often in clubs because the more drunk you are, the easier it is to rob you.

Ladies this tip goes out to you: take only a phone, some cash in your phone case and your keys to a club. Take as little as you possibly can, and for safekeeping use your bra as your purse.

Many girls have had phones stolen right out of their hands, so put it somewhere where you will notice if someone tries to take it.

Gentlemen, your front pockets are your best friends.  Everyone thinks they could feel a wallet being slipped out of their back pocket, but these people have years of practice.  Front pockets you are more aware of, and it’s always better safe than sorry.

On the metro, or other forms of public transportation, keep your backpack firmly between your legs and lightly hold on to your purse if you are wearing one while slinging the strap across your chest if possible.

Don’t cling to your bag as if your life depends on it, which makes you a noticeable target.  Just simply observe how other women are holding their purse, because all women subtly hold them.

In restaurants, do not hang your purse of the back of your chair or casually leave it on the floor, and the same goes for backpacks.  Either leave it in your lap or put it on the floor between your feet.

The bottom line, take only what you need, especially when going out at night.

Make sure some part of you is touching your bag at all times, and you’ll be fine!  Be smart, be proactive and leave as many valuables as you can at home.

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