Why Joe Biden will not be the 46th president

By: Sam Jones, Columnist

There is a modern trend to insult President Donald Trump’s mental capacity and call him out everytime he mis-speaks. However, the same people that ridicule Trump support a presidential candidate that shows signs of dementia nearly every time he stands in front of a camera. 

Of course, Joe Biden has the Democratic nomination in the bag, which means that the long awaited, Biden vs. Trump debates will soon be scheduled. For that very reason, I am confident that Joe Biden will not be president of the United States. 

The Democrats have sealed their own fate by nominating Joe Biden, a person who often can’t remember what state they are speaking in, against Donald Trump, who proved in 2016 that he can handle the pressure of a presidential debate quite well. In fact, he destroyed former debate opponent, Hillary Clinton, on several fronts. 

Senator Bernie Sanders would have left Democrats much happier following the upcoming debates; however, for the second straight election, his supporters believe that the primary election was rigged against him

Former President Barack Obama finally spoke out on the 2020 election by endorsing his former vice president in Biden. He stated that empathy and grace-driven leadership belongs in the White House, and that he is proud to endorse his old friend. 

However, it took Obama until after Senator Elizabeth Warren, who previously accused Senator Sanders of being a misogynist, looked the other way from several sexual allegations against Biden, and threw in her support for the presumed nominee. In fact, Obama was silent for nearly a year and a half during an election where the Democrat’s sole purpose is to defeat Donald Trump.

It is truly sad to watch Biden be operated the way he has. The comparison to the former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall has been made, and makes sense. Toward the end of his career, Justice Marshall had clearly lost his mind. His office was run by clerks, and liberals who could consistently count on his vote. 

The same thing seems to be happening to Biden here. People who can rely on Biden to be a familiar, moderate candidate and secure the Obama legacy vote, have propelled Biden to the nomination. However, they can not rely on his somewhat creepy background, nor propel him through a debate for an extended period of time. The debate stage with President Trump will also provide no teleprompter or earpiece for Biden to get information from.  

Due to Biden being 78 years old, some are speculating that his vice president could wind up being the president of the United States. This has made the decision quite controversial, as many former presidential candidates, including Warren, Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar are all top runners for V.P.

It would be very hypocritical of Warren or Klobuchar to take a job in the Biden administration since they recently have both called out opponents for mistreating women. Harris or former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams would make sense for Biden to pick, though they both remain fairly far away from Biden on several policy points. Regardless of who he picks, Biden has shown that he doesn’t not have what it takes and because of that, he will not be our 46th president.

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