Adult comedies review: Part 2

By: Maclay Crawford, Columnist

Views expressed in the column are the author’s own.

We return! If you haven’t read the first part, please return to the last Adult Comedies review, as this will be a straight continuation. 

Lazor Wulf: Adult Swim 

I don’t think this was made for me. The story follows a ‘wulf’ with a ‘lazor’ on his back, a couple other wolves, a horse, and God as they go on wacky adventures, such as blowing up a diner and then trying to recreate the diner because the main character will die if he doesn’t eat at that specific diner. I’m going to be honest, I have no idea if this is bad because it felt like another world to me. I saw jokes were being made but not a single one made me laugh; the art style was…just kinda boring and gross; the storyline was stupid but not dumb enough to be hilariously stupid. It was just kind of, nothing? Other shows like “The Prince” or “Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil” felt genuinely terrible, but this one just felt like I didn’t understand the humor. So do with that information what you will; maybe you’ll get something out of it, but I found it just terrible.

The Jellies!: Adult Swim 

Another awful “Family Guy”-like show with ugly animation and crude jokes. Now, I would put this above “The Prince,” as I did laugh twice, but nothing about this show felt original or memorable in any way. It follows a family of jellyfish and their human child and their strange adventures. I will say the first episode has a kind of fun plot, where the main character has to go to an old folk’s home for washed up celebrities to get a singer to fix his parents’ marriage, and everything surrounding that is fun and where most of my laughs came from. But when the show focused on the titular jellies, it was as dull as these adult sitcoms can get. I won’t lie as I’m writing this I’m struggling to remember what exactly happened in what I watched, which sums up my feelings for this show perfectly: It’s a forgetful, inoffensive adult comedy that’s just like the hundred others you could watch.

Final Space: Adult Swim 

Finally, a non-sitcom! And it wasn’t awful! I mean I didn’t laugh once, but I found the plot to be actually interesting, and I could see someone getting invested in the story here. The story starts with a man who is in space jail. He can’t speak to anyone, is trapped on a space station, and has a couple of hundred more days in his sentence. But his space station is almost destroyed, which is when he discovers a little green alien that he names Mooncake. Through an attack by space pirates, he finds out it’s actually a world-destroying experiment that is trying to be captured by many factions and he has to protect it. So, there’s actually a story and characters, but sadly it has one of the most insufferable protagonists I’ve seen. He’s annoying and stupid, and all his jokes feel straight out of a bad Cartoon Network comedy. One of the main jokes in the first episode was about wanting to eat a cookie, that’s it. Other than this, though, you may get something out of this show if you give it a chance.

Morel Orel: Adult Swim 

Like last time, this was a show I thought it would be godawful, standard “religion bad” type comedy. But no, it’s actually a very fun pitch-black comedy about a little boy who ends up awakening horrible, dark creatures in an attempt to be a good Christian. In the first episode, he feels people who have died have rejected God’s gift, so he uses the necronomicon to resurrect everyone, causing a zombie apocalypse, killing hundreds. His father scolds him because the zombies are naked, and that’s against God! So they give the zombies clothes, and have a good laugh as they continue to terrorize the population. It’s the kind of humor I enjoy: very dark and strange. This isn’t going to be for everyone, in fact, I’m sure there are people who’d hate this show. But I found it to be a very fun, strange little experiment.

And that’s it for part two. Tune in next time for the last four shows; I’ve saved the strangest and worst for last! So make sure you are there. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my assessments by leaving a comment or tweeting us at @TheTowerlight!

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