Praise for the Black Student Union

By: Alysha Payne, Columnist

As a transfer student and a generally anti-social person, getting involved isn’t necessarily at the top of my list of things to do at the moment. I am involved with only two organizations on campus and I’m glad I found the best ones to suit my interests, needs and everything in between.

Along with the support for the people at the Towerlight, I am a member of the best organization of successful, generous, welcoming, fun and most good-looking group of Black young scholars that Towson has to offer. The Black Student Union is greatest example of community and family that I have experienced at Towson.

This is in no way any type of sponsorship or a quick plug that was set up by the e-board of BSU, I personally just feel like they are so amazing. This past Saturday, they held the “Ebony Lounge,” a showcase where lots of people showcase their talents.

And I’m not going to lie, whenever I see any general talent showcase I always expect at least one bad performance, someone who has the a major case of stage fright, or generally someone who isn’t up to par with other performers for a variety of reasons. (I’m secretly judgmental, but who isn’t?)

Everybody, every performer, every single person who graced the stage in the West Village Commons Ballrooms that night was so good, so confident and had such amazing stage presence, there was never a dull moment.

The events that they hold are always fun and always get to meet awesome people that you can become awesome friends with.

The meetings are actually great, too. They always talk about pressing issues in our community and lead underclassman through group discussion or talk directly with them and provide great examples of good citizenship, friendship, relationships and lots more that are predetermined before every meeting.

Through these discussions, everyone can get a great representation of what Black excellence is and what they should be looking up too as they grow older.

BSU is doing a fantastic job of providing that extra family blanket to freshman and transfers and anyone in the organization, like me. To those who have not joined or don’t know about BSU, please do yourself a huge favor and join immediately. It’s lit!

2 thoughts on “Praise for the Black Student Union

    1. The BSU is very welcoming to any student who wants to join! I see students from all ethnicities at their events/programs

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